How to Buy New York State Bonds

3 Steps to Buy New York State Bonds

Step 1 – A Brokerage Account

Bonds and notes cannot be purchased directly from the State. An investor must have an account with a registered broker/dealer in order to buy New York State Bonds.

Step 2 – Learn About the Current Bond Offering

Bonds and notes can only be offered through an Official Statement (OS). Information regarding the bonds or notes, including their security, maturity dates, the types of projects they finance, and other information, can be found in the Official Statement (OS). The State’s current and/or upcoming bond offerings and their Official Statements are found on this site.

Step 3 – Minimum Denominations for Orders

Most fixed rate bonds and notes are issued in minimum denominations of $5,000 or multiples of $5,000, while variable rate bonds are generally issued in minimum denominations of $100,000 and in $5,000 increments above $100,000.

Order Periods

Bond offerings typically span two days, one for retail orders and the other for institutional orders. The retail order period typically takes place on the first of the two days.

Retail Order Period

The order period for retail customers, generally including individual investors.

Institutional Order Period

The order period for institutional customers, generally including banks, financial institutions, bond funds, insurance companies, etc.