Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NY Bonds FAQs
Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswers
What is the pricing date? The day on which an underwriter establishes the interest rate, yield, and price for each maturity of an offering.
What is the first interest payment date? The day on which the issuer first pays interest on the bonds.  The first interest paid will be pro-rated according to the number of days from the dated date of the bonds.
What is first principal payment or first maturity date? The date on which the issuer first begins to pay or amortize principal on the debt is has incurred.
Can I buy bonds directly from the State? Bonds and notes cannot be purchased directly from the State.  An investor must have an account with a registered broker/dealer in order to buy New York State Bonds.
How do I buy New York State Bonds? See How to Buy New York State Bonds for more information.
Does The New York State Division of the Budget have an Investor Relations website? Yes. to External Site